At Genuine Foot Care Clinic, we offer a comprehensive range of services to address your foot care needs. Our experienced team of certified prosthetists and orthotists is dedicated to providing personalized care and effective solutions. Whether you are dealing with foot pain, sports injuries, or other foot-related conditions, we are here to help you. Explore our services below:


Custom Foot Orthotics:

We specialize in creating custom foot orthotics tailored to your specific foot shape and condition. Our advanced technology and expertise ensure that our orthotic insoles provide optimal support, alignment, and comfort, allowing you to move with confidence.


Foot Condition Diagnosis:

Our team conducts thorough assessments and examinations to accurately diagnose foot conditions. By combining physical examinations, gait analysis, range of motion testing, and pressure distribution analysis, we can identify the underlying causes of your foot issues and develop personalized treatment plans.


Orthopedic Footwear:

We offer a range of orthopedic footwear options designed to provide superior support and comfort for various foot conditions. Our team will help you find the right footwear that fits properly and meets your specific needs, promoting better foot health and reducing discomfort.


Diabetic Foot Care:

We understand the unique foot care needs of individuals with diabetes. Our diabetic foot care services focus on preventive measures, education, and specialized treatment to manage and minimize the risk of foot complications associated with diabetes. We provide regular foot screenings, wound care, and footwear recommendations tailored to your specific needs.


Pediatric Foot Care:

Children’s foot health is crucial for their overall growth and development. Our pediatric foot care services address a wide range of foot conditions in children. From flat feet and gait abnormalities to sports-related injuries and developmental issues, we provide specialized care to promote healthy foot development and ensure their comfort and mobility.

Follow-up Care and Maintenance:

We are committed to your long-term foot health. Our follow-up care and maintenance services ensure that your orthotic insoles fit correctly and continue to provide the desired benefits. We will guide you on proper usage, cleaning, and when to consider replacement or adjustments.

Step-by-Step Guide: Getting Orthotic Insoles

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01. Initial Consultation

  •  Schedule an appointment with Genuine Foot Care Clinic.
  • Meet with our certified prosthetists and orthotists to discuss your foot concerns and goals.
  • Share any relevant medical history, previous treatments, or footwear concerns.

02. Foot Assessment

  •  Undergo a comprehensive foot assessment.
  • Our experts will examine your foot structure, gait patterns, and identify any specific issues or conditions.
  • Advanced technology, such as 3D scanning, may be used to capture accurate foot measurements.


  •  Based on the assessment, our team will design custom orthotic insoles tailored to your unique needs.
  •  Skilled technicians at Genuine Foot Care Clinic will manufacture your custom orthotic insoles.

04. Fitting and Adjustment

  •  Once the orthotic insoles are ready, you will return for a fitting session.
  • Our experts will ensure the insoles fit properly and provide the desired support and comfort.

05. Follow-up and Care Instructions

  • We will provide you with detailed care instructions for your orthotic insoles.
  • Follow-up appointments may be scheduled to assess your progress and make any necessary modifications.

06. Enjoy the Benefits

  • Once properly fitted, start wearing your custom orthotic insoles and experience the benefits.
  • Enjoy improved foot alignment, reduced discomfort, enhanced stability, and increased mobility.
  • – Follow any additional recommendations provided by our experts to maximize the effectiveness of the orthotic insoles.

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